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Headlight Cleaning & Restoration

Our headlight restoration service provides headlight cleaning and restorations. You won’t have to deal with an expensive automotive parts house for a replacement part. We are very experienced while taking pride in the refinishing of yellow, dim, faded, dull, scratched, hazy, dirty headlights. We restore & remove scratches in brake-lights, tail-lights, blinkers and plastic headlight lenses

We tape off all painted surfaces around the lighting area, where we will be working. Wet sand the surface of the light (using a few different grades of sandpaper.) With an electric high speed polisher and a few squirts of 3M polishing liquid, buff the lenses.

  • Yellow Headlights are Dangerous! Due To Poor Nighttime Visibility.
  • Plus Yellow Headlights Make A Car Look Ugly.
  • You’ll be able to see better!
  • Look Better!
  • Drive Safer!
  • Restore Those Ugly Head Lights Today!