Exterior – Cleaning/Cleansing/Decontamination


  • The vehicle is washed using PH neutral shampoo using twin grit guard bucket system to prevent any stones and sharp edged particles being carried onto the car via wash mitt.
  • Wheels are cleaned using a nonacidic citrus based cleaner and specially designed horse hair brushes.
  • Door shuts, petrol cap, arches and lower sections parts will be cleaned (where accessible).
  • The vehicle is hand dried using deep-pile microfibre towels.
  • The paintwork is treated with a clay bar (mild or aggressive) removing bonded surface contaminants.
  • Body solvent is applied to dissolve and remove tar, rod grime, honey dew and bug splatter deposits and other petroleum based substances.
  • Tyres are dressed.
  • Exterior plastics and door trims are dressed.


  • The paint is treated by hand with a pre wax oil – to help adhesion of the sealant.


  • The paint is treated with a mildly abrasive cleansing lotion which contains a mild mixture of cleansing agents, glaze oils and micro abrasives that help remove very light swirl marks.


  • One layer of our preferred high grade carnauba wax is applied to the paint surface, ensuring a durable level of protection. We’ll talk you through our range of sealants and waxes at the inspection.


  • Full interior Vacuum And buff the seats and carpets.
  • Full interior shampoo and hot water extraction all the seats and floors.
  • Steam clean all the vinyl-dahsboard-cup holders, air vents,
  • Tornador Gun for all the crevices and hard to reach places.
  • Salt removal from floors and mats.
  • window cleaning and polishing
  • All the Vinyl and dashboard will be dressed with our high quality dressing.
  • All of our products are professional-high quality  and made for certified detailers.